2007 September and THE SELAH SECTION #1

Last Day Watchers I will from time to time have a added section to this May 15 Prophecy weblog site called “THE SELAH SECTION”

The word “SELAH” whenever it appears in the scriptures is a word to be translated in the English as meaning “Pause, and calmly think of that!”.+++

“SELAH”,as God would have all of the faithful hearer of his Word, that they may contemplate the richness and depths of his promises to them.+++

To bring forth Faith and Love and Renewing of Life.+++

Last Day Watchers I declared unto you that God would keep his promise to the citizen of Brotherly Love namely the Church of Philadelphia (See:The Strong Delusion That They (Israel, Britain and United States) Should Believe a Lie).+++

Well here is a perfect example of a “SELAH” moment.+++

In Psalm chapter 50 (take note of that number) verse 4-6, God give another example of that blessed promise just before he send forth his judgment on the whole world.+++

“4.He shall call to the heavens from above, and to the earth, that he may judge his people.”

“5.Gather my saints together unto me; those that have made a covenant with me by sacrifice.”

“6.And THE HEAVENS SHALL DECLARE his righteousness: for God is judge himself. SELAH.”.+++

By putting the SELAH at the end of that promise, God want you to pause and calmly think of that.+++

It will be in September when God keep that promise, not this September but in future’s September(s), because God is still allowing so much more to be fulfilled, When the Beast sign the false peace treaty with Israel that will also occur in September.+++

And the promise written by Daniel of the uncut stone smashing the 10 toes kingdoms will occur in September.+++

It is no accident that Osama Bin Laden shows up again here in September, did not the May 15th Prophecy ask you to watch this September?.(See:Strong Delusion That They (Israel,Britain and United States) Should Believe a Lie and The 10 Horns of Power Update).+++

Did not the May 15th Prophecy tell you he was still alive?.(See::Strong Delusion That They (Israel,Britain and United States) Should Believe a Lie).+++

Last Day Watcher I have yet to go into detail of the meaning of numbers and how they relates to the Stars and the Great Pyramid, because the May 15th Prophecywanted to show you by the Word of God first, then show you his revelation in the star that “Declare his Righteousness” and in stone.+++

#1= Is the number of beginnings
#2= Is the number of the adequate witnesses
#3= Is the number of Divine manifestation
#4= is the number of the whole earth
#5= Is the number of grace
#6= Is the number of a man, of sin, and of death
#7= Is the number of perfection, completion and rest
#8= Is the number of new beginning
#9= Is the number of Divine manifestation multiplied of intensified

#10= Is the number of human responsibility, sacrifice, and that which belong to The Lord
#12= Is the number of perfect government.
(note: 1 Thur 12= +++)

Keep the basic meaning that God has assigned to those number, as The May 15th Prophecy start to give more detail in future post.+++

However, getting back to the propose of the SELAH SECTION

In essence the SELAH SECTION is a section, that pause, and ask the Last Day Watchers to calmly think of the promises that God has encapsulated into the May 15th Prophecy

In order to bring about in you more Faith, Love and renewing of Life.+++

Now I know the Last Day Watchers are like that Roman Centurion, needing the Word Only.+++

However THE SELAH SECTION will enhance the way you “THINK OF THAT” by providing visual aid to the Words given in the May 15th Prophecy

THE SELAH SECTION will mainly consist of video clips which I believe will give you a better understanding to the words and paradigms given in the May 15th Prophecy

******************* SPECIAL NOTE ************************

The video clip themselves are not part of the May 15th Prophecy, they have not contributed or helped in any way shape or form to the words written in the May 15th Prophecy

Indeed the May 15th Prophecy comes to a far different conclusion then what all the video clips seem to implies in spite of the similar subject matter (with exception to any video clips of Dr Gene Scott PhD Stanford University)

Jesus used visual aid and so shall his May 15th Prophecy that he has given me, his Watchman

So to sum up the SELAH SECTION, when you Last Day Watchers are viewing any post titled “THE SELAH SECTION” know that 97% of the content have nothing to do with the May 15Th Prophecy, and IS NOT part of the May 15th Prophecy.

Also the video clips are not being implied by me as being inspired by God

That why I call it THE SELAH SECTION it is a pause, away from the May 15th Prophecy with visual aid so that you may “THINK OF THAT”

However the remaining 3% content that IS inspired by God and is part of the May 15th Prophecy will be noted with each paragraph ending with +++

So with no further ado here is THE SELAH SECTION #1

This video clip show what it must have look like when, Last Day Watcher remember I told that God told Michael The Arch Angel to throw comet at the earth to destroy the evil and profane society that Satan created?, and how the earth became a desolation and waste or “without form and void”?(See:The 6 Insurrection (Insurgency))

These 2 video clips give a glismp of what the May 15th Prophecy told you when it said the spirit of iniquity have already shown his facilitators to call fire down from heaven (See:The May 15th Prophecy Review)

The actual event

And lastly I want to end on a note that show You who is the person God sent me to, to learn of his spiritual trues and formed 90% of my spiritual faith, this video clip shows a true warrior for God, remember I told You who I was taught by? (See:Iran and The 3 Horns, No European Roman Revival)

Instead of the smiling in your face false prophets who look into the camera and say “God LOOOOOVE You”

This is a true man of God reaction to a foolish man from Australia when he said with a snead remark about preacher shouldn’t be asking for money

Until we blog again SELAH

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