2008 May 15th Prophecy A Year In Review, God Word or Coincidence?

Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the way is broad that leads to destruction, and there are many who enter through it.”
Matthew 7:14

LastDayWatchers all throughout the bible, God have time after time made it known by giving us example after example of the vast majority of men have always cling to stupidity and lies.

While only a few embrace wisdom and truth.

Today is no different indeed this generation will go down in history as the worst of all time!

Because this generation has the abundance of the light of God Truth, however men who are lover of themselves still prefer the darkness of their lies.

No where is that more abundantly clear then in the 100% accuracy of God Word that has been given in the May 15th Prophecy.

While the idiots and the foolish l are wide eyed looking in a false direction of a Revived Roman Empire and are still believing in the lie of the “Success of the Surge”

Only you LastDayWatchers have the correct information of the realities on the ground according to God Word.

With 100% accuracy the May 15th Prophecy have been telling you far in advance and over and over again to watch Lebanon, because God Word has declared Lebanon would be uprooted by the Spirit Of Iniquity emanating from Iran, which is the “estate” the Son Of Satan have been restricted to.

AS FAR BACK AS 07-12-07 OF LAST YEAR! (See:Iran and The 3 Horns, No European Roman Revival)

“Horn-Rib #2 Lebanon through the violent and political uprising of the Ummah emanating from Iran. You will see President Saniora loss power and power given to the Hidden Imam”


“The outcome of the Lebanese political crisis may have been inevitable. On Friday Hezbollah—the only force ever to defeat the Israeli army — defeated forces loyal to the American-backed Lebanese government. Still, few expected that the Iranian-backed militia would triumph so quickly and so easily.”

“The Lebanese political landscape has now been transformed. For all its supposed superpower support, the ruling coalition turned out to be built on sand. The Saudi-funded street gangs were amateurs. The pro-government Internal Security Forces, equipped and trained by the United States, stayed out of the fight. And the Lebanese army stayed neutral rather than risk splitting apart.”

“Though prime minister Fouad Siniora made a defiant speech Saturday saying that the government would not fall into the hands of an Iranian coup, HE HAS LITTLE CHOICE OTHER THAN TO RESIGN.”

This reality on the ground reflect what has been spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy because it is the truth of God Word.

Coincidence?, Answer me when in all of Lebanon history have they every been without a President?, Or for all the things Hezbollah have done when have they ever toppled Beirut?

With 100% accuracy the May 15th Prophecy have been telling you about the allegiance to be formed by Iran and Turkey, Because the bible say these two will come together at the end of days!

AS FAR BACK AS 07-07-07 OF LAST YEAR (See:The May 15th Prophecy Review)

“I want you to notice how the Beast is using the Ummah in Southern Turkey, as he emanate his power of iniquity to help his “estate” in Iran.”


Turkish warplanes bomb Kurdish rebels in Iraq

“Expressed concern that the Turks and the Iranians were increasing their cooperation to try and snuff the rebels out.”

“There is co-ordination between Iranian and Turkish militaries to attack PKK and Pejak,” Danis said, referring to an Iranian offshoot of the Kurdish rebel group.”

“We have information suggesting that there was a meeting between Turkish and Iranian sides on Wednesday, April 30. The meeting was near the border but inside Iranian territory and aimed at locating the places they want to attack later.”

This reality on the ground reflect what has been spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy because it is the truth of God Word.

Coincidence?, Answer me when in the history of Iran & Turkey have they ever cooperated to help each other about the Kurd in Iraq?

With 100% accuracy the May 15th Prophecy have been telling you far in advance about the curse God has place on Israel (the house of Judah), Britain (the house of Ephraim) and the United States (the house of Manasseh)

Particularly the curse that been place on the Bush Administration and his household including his political house affiliation the Republican Party.

(See:The Bush Administration in Prophecy)


(See:The Iran Symbol, The Falsifiers and the Republican Prophecy)

“Your political house will suffer defeat as a testimony against thine unclean hands, they will suffer defeat in the House, they will suffer defeat in the Senate”


Democrats Call Victory a Sign G.O.P. Tactic Failed 

Mr. Cazayoux defeated Mr. Jenkins 49 percent to 46 percent in a district HELD BY REPUBLICANS FOR MORE THAN 30 YEARS.

“This was obviously the Republican test case for nationalizing Congressional races, and it failed completely,” said Representative Chris Van Hollen of Maryland, chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.”

This reality on the ground reflect what has been spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy because it is the truth of God Word.

Coincidence?, Answer me this or shall I say lets put that 30 YEAR in perspective, Israel just celebrated it’s 60th anniversary!!

With 100% accuracy the May 15th Prophecy have been telling you that curse of the Bush Administration would also be a economic collapse.(See:The Defining Moment and The Economic Collapse Prophecy)

“the May 15th Prophecy declares thus saith The Word Of God “there will be a DEPRESSION”

You will see citizen after citizen lose their jobs, they will lose their home, they will lose their mind

You will see bank after bank fail, and CITY AFTER CITY WILL GO BANKRUPT”


Vallejo votes to declare Chapter 9 bankruptcy

Vallejo — The Vallejo City Council voted to declare bankruptcy Tuesday night after months of last-ditch wrangling failed to rescue the city from financial catastrophe.

The North Bay city of 117,000 now heads into largely uncharted territory, AS NO CALIFORNIA CITY OF THIS SIZE HAS EVER OPTED FOR THIS ROUTE.

This reality on the ground reflect what has been spoken of by the May 15th Prophecy because it is the truth of God Word.

Coincidence?, Answer me this, when in all of The State Of California rich history (over 150 years since being in the Union) have a city of such a size EVER FILE BANKRUPTCY?

Is it some kind of lucky coincidence that the all these once in a lifetime events are not only happening all at the same time, but they are all happening AFTER they have been foretold by the May 15th Prophecy?

Oh let me not forget “bank after bank will fail”

Now on 05-04-08

Fremont receives notice of default on subprime mortgage sale
Los Angeles Business from bizjournals

“Fremont General Corp. has received default notices on $3.15 billion of loans it sold last year that say the company is in default because its tangible net worth dropped below an agreed upon level, the company said Thursday.

Maintaining a net worth level of at least $250 million was part of the agreement with investors who purchased the loans in March 2007 to support the bank’s obligation to repurchase any loans sold in the deal.

To meet the sales terms, Fremont would need to put the amount of money required to make up the difference between its net worth and the agreed upon level in a reserve account or provide a letter of credit for the amount, and Fremont said in a release that it is not in a position to do either.”


Now see what a old wise veteran has to say and remember to listen to your elders which is the wisdom given in scripture

One Guy Who Has Seen It All Doesn’t Like What He Sees Now
From the Wall Street Journal
By E.S. Browning

“Peter Bernstein has witnessed just about every financial crisis of the past century.
As a boy, he watched his father, a money manager navigate the Depression.

As a financial historian he personally dealt with the recessions of 1958, the bear markets of the 1970s, the 1987 crash, the saving and loan crisis of the late 1980s, and the 2000-2002 bear market that followed the tech-stock bubble.

Today’s trouble, the 89-year-old Mr.Bernstein says, IS WORSE THEN HE HAS SEEN SINCE DEPRESSION”

He says

“When you think about how all this will work out in the long run, we are going to have an extremely risk-averse economy for a long time. the lesson has painfully been learned. That’s part of the problem going forward. You don’t have a high-growth exit from this, as you’ve had from other kinds of crises”

When he was ask “How long do you think this whole process will take?”

He answers

“Longer than people think., The people who think we will have turned in 2009 are wrong”

LastDayWatchers that is almost 90 years of wisdom talking take heed, but also the May 15th Prophecy will not leave you ignorant of the Libor Rate

Remember the the old saying that says “If you want to find and unravel the real mystery to anything follow the money trail!”

Having said that LastDayWatchers I want you to read what John Authers of Financial Times wrote

“The clearest indicator of trouble is when the Libor rate – the beachmark at which banks lend to each other rises significantly above the offical government interest rate. This indicates banks are hoarding cash or unprepared to lend to each other.

Co-ordinated action by the central banks in december was meant to address this, and the spread of Libor over official rates came down.

But since the Bear Stearns debacle, which should have been an emphatic signal that the Federal Reserve was there to stand behind dodgy-looking collateral from other banks, money markets have seized up again.

Libor’s spread over official rates has widened by about 0.25% percentage points.

It is hard to explain this unless the bankers are afraid of something that has not yet reach the light of day.”

Did you know that the Bear Stearns debacle would have led the U.S. economy into a depression had the Federal Reserve had not bail them out?(“Hurt not the wine and the oil”)

However that patchwork job to the economy ship will not be able to withstand the iceberg that God has in store.

It has been the May 15th Prophecy and only the May 15th Prophecy that has given you the correct meaning and the exact detail to the verse spoken of by Daniel

“And out of one of them came forth a little horn which waxed exceeding great toward the SOUTH and toward the EAST and toward the PLEASANT LAND.”
Daniel 8:9

Now look at the reality on the ground and you should be able to see; because even the blind eye of the facilitator of Satan can see the truth of the reality on the ground, check what Al Zawahri in his latest broadcast had to say regarding Iran

Qaeda’s Zawahri says U.S. war on Iraq a failure

“Iran’s objectives are clear: the inclusion of SOUTHERN Iraq and the EAST of the (Arabian) peninsula”

Also let not forget “And toward the PLEASANT LAND.”

Netanyahu Warns of ‘Increase in Power’ of Hizbullah, Hamas

“Israel’s right-wing Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday that further withdrawals from the occupied Palestinian territories would amount to handing them over to Hamas and Iran.”

“The promise of additional Israeli withdrawals today means that if the IDF (Israeli army) walks out, Hamas walks in, and if Hamas walks in, Iran walks in,” Netanyahu told reporters at a Jerusalem press conference.”

Just as the May 15th Prophecy has written it down! you see how the May 15th Prophecy have given you the light of the truth and have not lead you astray?

While the blind and foolish are still wide eyed looking for a Revived Roman Empire and are stupidly believing in the “Success of the Surge” all supported by False Prophets.

But you LastDayWatchers who have eyes to see I will continue to give you the information that God has hidden away but now has been made known because of the gift of the May 15th Prophecy

Stay tuned to the future post and you will get the 100% accuracy of what the Stars and the Pyramid have to say, but 1st you must come to understand what the Word (By which you may be saved) has said and is saying.


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