2008 The Second September Review and the Constitution

“Last Day Watchers know and understand to watch and remember the month(s) of September'(s)
Because very much of God promises regarding these last days will be fulfilled in September”
Quoted from the May 15th Prophecy on 08/13/07 from the post titled
The Strong Delusion That They (Israel,Britain and United States)Should Believe A Lie

I thank my God continually because of his Grace, his Love and Mercy who because it please him to open my eyes that I may be his Watchman, and not only me; but those of you who are truely LastDayWatchers.

Who God has called unto an election asured to know and understand with 100% accuracy the glorious truth of the events leading up to his glorious return.

Always keeping you in my mind and in my prayers, that you be not like the those who are the children of darkness; who hate the light of the truth by which God speaks.

Remember it was the May 15th Prophecy that told you in the post titled
The Defining Moment and The Economic Collapse Prophecy

“Before that reality hit the United States the spirit of the kingdom of the Beast will strip the Constitution bare and put in power from the Political World , the Financial World and Religious World those who will do his bidding.”

“Do you not know that the Pawn Of Satan Fire Starter has proposed to have the government regulate (take over) all banks?”

LastDayWatchers I know you are not surprise by the total collapse of U.S. banking system or by the fact that it has happen here inn SEPTEMBER just as the May 15th Prophecy told it would, have the May 15th Prophecy been wrong in ANYTHING it has declared?

If it was not evident to you before, do now you see that AMERICA HAS SOLD IT SOUL, just as the May 15th Prophecy been declaring unto you!

“At Senate Banking Committee hearings on Capitol Hill, Senator Christopher J Dodd, a Democrat congressman, said, “After reading this proposal, I can only conclude that it is not only our economy that is at risk, Mr Secretary, but our Constitution, as well,” reported the NewYorkTimes 

Unconstitutional Bailout

“The treasury secretary was at it again with an announcement on Sunday evening to the effect that the American government would grant a line of credit from the federal treasury to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in excess of the billions already granted by Congress.”

“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were once owned by the federal government, but no longer are. They now are owned by private investors, and thus it is simply unconstitutional for the feds to use tax dollars or bonds or guarantees of loans backed by tax dollars to bail them out just as it was unconstitutional to use tax dollars to save Bear Stearns.”
LastDayWatchers is not the Word Of God 100% accurate? or better said “Forever Oh Lord Thy Word is settled in heaven”

Did not the May 15th Prophecy tell you this would come from the hands of the Pawn of Satan as he continue to destroy the Constitution?

Behind Closed Doors, Warnings of Calamity

“In the closed-door Thursday night meeting, Democrats sought to make it clear to Republicans that the underlying initiative for the financial rescue was coming from the administration and that it was the White House that owned the proposal.”

“Participants said Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the majority leader, was particularly emphatic, noting that the administration was requesting unprecedented action on short notice, effectively telling Congress, “Trust us.”

LastDayWatchers you will see in total violation of the Constitution, the Wall Street bailout will pass with flying colors; but guess what LastDayWatchers America still will go bankrupt anyway.(lol)

To fulfill with 100% accuracy of what the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur in the post titled May 15th Prophecy A Year In Review, God Word or Coincidence?

“Did you know that the Bear Stearns debacle would have led the U.S. economy into a depression had the Federal Reserve had not bail them out?(“Hurt not the wine and the oil”)”

“However that patchwork job to the economy ship will not be able to withstand the iceberg that God has in store.”

As the Pawn of Stan Fire Stater continue lead the Congress and the people to say “FUCK YOU” to God and to the founding fathers of the Constitution of the United States Of America.

Just as the May 15th Prophecy declared to you in the post titled The Fire Starter, The Perfect Position and the Ominous Reminder 

“President Bush who is the proud man spoken of by God prophet Habakkuk who will bring shame to his house; is the same man who is cursed for taking that which is not his; will continue to load up on debt he cannot repay (with what he must repay!).
(See: The Bush Administration in Prophecy)”

“Satan has appointed his pawn (President Bush) to be his fire starter, who will start so many fires it will be impossible to help in time!”

Until We Blog Again SELAH

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