2010 The Real 300 and the May 15th Prophecy Loupe Links

“To the “few” of you who do “watch” you are like the 300 men of Gideon by whom God has declared
“By the three hundred will I save”
And those who believe in the patience of God Word in his dealing with mankind
And has not denied his name (Jesus)”
LastDayWatchers that is a promise of God, not only to those faithful few
Men who’s actions was to “watched”; as they took their drink of water
Now God honoring their action of “watching” as faith, and because it was faith
God did set apart the few
Away from the the unfaithfulness of the many
By judging their posture, which show the characteristic of faith
The characteristic of the faithful; who are few;  is the action to keep watch intensely
And the actions of those faithful 300, was to keep their head & eyes up and on a shrivel so that they could continue to watch
As they reach down to draw water with their tongues from the cup of their hand, lapping like a dog
The characteristic of the unfaithful who are many; is more then just being afraid & fearful
Because God has also judged  “not watching” as unfaithfulness
Bowing down (unable to see what lays ahead) as you drink
There will be many who will suffer the wrath of God because their posture is unfaithful & incorrect
Likewise there are a few who will be made into pillars of strength in the house of God
Because they are the only one to know and understand 100% correctness about the times & events according to the God patience which declares the knowledge of his name.Selah
LastDayWatchers your desire should be to have the correct posture to the Word of God
Because unlike the silly Hollywood version of 300 
The 100% accurateness of God Word is the correct version of the 300
In the 7th verse of the 7th chapter of the 7th book ( 3 the number for Divine manifestation
x 7 the Perfection, Completion & Rest)
Which being translated Today
Is God giving his blessing to those who embodies the characteristic of the promise of watching; God gave to the Church of Philadelphia
So to help you in that promise with correct posture
The May 15th Prophecy has started this enhancement tool site that you may lapped like a dog while taking quick drink from the fountain of knowledge
The site is called May 15th Prophecy Loupe Links
A loupe (pronounced loop) is a type of magnification device used to see small details more closely or better said “intensely”
So to keep you sharp the May 15th Prophecy will be providing you with small & quick pieces of info for
magnification that bring insight that better your posture
Here is a sample of what you will get with Loupe Links
LastDayWatchers read this article

Iraq’s Kurds could lose some of their influence to anti-American Sadr movement

Is just more evidence of the 100% accuracy of the

May 15th Prophecy

It was the May 15th Prophecy that told you that in spite of the lies the Bush Administration was peddling at the time about the“success of the surge” and the Basra operation being “Defining Moment”
The May 15th Prophecy told you back then


In the post titled

The Defining Moment and The Economic Collapse Prophecy

“Mark this date well because not only has Muqtada al-Sadr by reason of the Spirit Of Iniquity

beat back the government forces he will gain ever more political power when the election are done.”

That was back in 4/1/2008 , Now check the 100% accurateness as of today (3/24/2010)
This article point out

“The Kurds, the strongest U.S. ally in Iraq and a leading political kingmaker, appear likely to lose some of their influence to a stridently anti-American group that did surprisingly well in this month’s parliamentary elections.”


“The Shiite Muslim group, which had largely been driven underground by U.S. and Iraqi forces, has made a remarkable comeback by developing a sophisticated political organization in addition to its armed wing.”

Even  more

“The Sadrists had political and military power that surpassed that of the government, but they misused it and ended up in jails and in exile,” said political analyst Ibrahim al-Sumaidaie. 


“Now, they have mastered their 

political power. 

They will find that the political game 

will give them more power and a 

wider role than their guns.”


“Everyone is scared of the Sadr trend now,” said Zamili, 

a top vote-getter in Baghdad who is poised to win a seat. Zamili, a former deputy minister of health,

The Sadrists have not abandoned their violent tactics and continue to promote themselves as forcefully resisting the U.S. occupation.”

The only question I ask you 
Was the May 15th Prophecy 100% accurate or not?
That is just a small example of these binocular snapshots you will get in the loupe links
You can follow these binocular snapshots of daily update
Or Here

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