Picture The Twins

Picture The Twins

From the May 15th Prophecy Video


M15P4LDW know and understand


Regarding number #1 of The TwinsGP8

Iranians didn’t just vote for parliament, they also voted for the Assembly of Experts, they kicked out Mohammad Yazd a close Khamenei ally.




Rouhani holds one of the seats on the Assembly of Experts, he himself is a potential candidate to be the next supreme leader.


Imam Mahdi(a.s)


Who could rule Iran for a generation?




The assembly election was swept by moderates, therefore take note as you watch



For then with smooth words, he will defile those who have rejected the covenant!


#2 of The Twins which the May 15th Prophecy told you would occur 

IN THIS Feb 11th 2013 POST 

(screen captured below)


Visit the main site to read the entire post https://may15prophecy.com/2013/02/11/february-11th-pope-prophecy-fulfillment/


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