A big fan of yours

In an era of “fake news”, propaganda and lies to the masses that are empowered by the Devil, I can thank The Lord my God for this site, because all of the prophesies you have written has been 100% accurate, from The Bush Administration In Prophecy to John McCain, Mitt Romey, Jeb Bush, The Rotten One Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign failures to Donald J Trump successful bid and much more such as The Pope Prophecy, the Identity of The 3 Horns Prophecy,  to some of the most impactful natural occurances you said would occur down to the very day, such as Fukushima, and Febuary 11th lighting strike on the Vatican with 2 once in a lifetime comet events happening the same week just like you said it would, which is why I love coming to your site, to get THE TRUTH TO WHAT REALLY GOING ON,  thank again, Leon; and keep up this great work (calling) God has chosen you to do with all faithfulness, I WILL PRAY THAT GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU WITH PEACE & LOVE, I will keep you in my prayers and offerings . add a new testimonial.