The Video Series of the May 15th Prophecy


The Video Series of the May 15th Prophecy is a set of 4 trilogies 

The 3 President’s


Written in 2007 the May 15th Prophecy with 100% Accuracy revealed what President George W Bush Administration spoken of in scriptures by Habakkuk, what the results would be?, the times witnessing with the TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD of those results speak for themselves.

With 100% Accuracy, the May 15th Prophecy prophesied the result that God’s Word said would happen to President Obama, written on January 20th, 2009 it reads like it was just yesterday DISPLAYING THE POWER OF PROPHECY

Declared with 100% Accuracy the May 15th Prophecy yet again providing its readers with the true outcomes to events well in advance while never giving false information, accurately revealing who will become the 44th person to hold the office of President of the United States


The 3 World Leaders


The May 15th Prophecy prophesied about Benjamin Netanyahu aka Bibi and what his role will be in these last days with 100% Accuracy, just like the prophecy have been correct about everybody else.

With 100% Accuracy, the May 15th Prophecy declared to you what happens on February 11th would be no coincidence and right on cue, Pope Benedict RENOUNCE THE OFFICE TO THE VICAR OF CHRIST; sitting the stage for the 5th Pope of Fatima

Revealing with 100% Accuracy the “estate” the little horn a.k.a The Beast will rise from according to God’s Word the May 15th Prophecy yet again pointing it readers in the right direction while never giving false information to the TRUTH

The 3 Destinys 


The May 15th Prophecy in the spirit of Gideon’s 300 revealing the faithful posture to God’s separation of his CHOSEN FEW which only THE FAITHFUL SAINTS WILL GET with 100% ACCURACY!

Our ancients have written about a future time of great trouble aka THE GREAT TRIBULATION, the May 15th Prophecy gives its readers the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and HOW which only it can do with 100% ACCURACY

With the Power of Prophecy, the May 15th Prophecy accurately reveals the COMING OF THE LORD with 100% ACCURACY


The 3 Scrolls 


For over a decade The May 15th Prophecy the only site on the web that always been accurate in providing true and correct outcomes with all of its prophecies about these times we are now living in is now RELOADED therefore see WHAT HAPPENS NEXT with 100% ACCURACY!


The 2nd Scroll, inside the May 15th Prophecy, will provide the reader with unmatching prophecy fulfillment for these days we are living in, including the demise of THE ROTTEN ONE HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON; WATCH and READ the scroll and see for yourself with 100% ACCURACY (this is the second scroll)


The 3rd edition of scrolling the May 15th Prophecy provides the most accurate results to the prophecies of Brexit, The Note in the Midst of the Republicans, Wisdom Utterance, The Curse upon the Pawn of Satan George W Bush, ISIS and more, some people say this might be the best of all the videos with all of its 100% ACCURACY.

The May 15th Prophecy Video is the 1st video, therefore, it’s a stand-alone

Showing with 100% Accuracy what happens next according to God’s Word  M15PVideoPicThose who watch this video shall see the pureness of My Word which has proceeded out of My Mouth it will not return unto me void rather it shall prosper where to I sent it GoodvsEvil those who do not watch will become blind to the evil that shall come upon them, therefore the May 15th Prophecy Video shows what happens next 4 ALL 2 SEE that which has proceeded out of My Mouth